Be Nice to a Gatekeeper: I can’t stress this enough

One, if not the most, challenging thing about a sales call is the part before the call even happens.

Getting on the call.

You would be amazed how tricky it is to catch someone for a few minutes in the day, and with making a high volume of calls in a day, inevitably, you will run into someone who is a gatekeeper.

A gatekeeper’s role, simply, is to qualify whether you are worth the prospects time or not

Rule of thumb - treat the gatekeeper same way you would treat a prospect on a call.

Respectful, full of gratitude, and make an effort to get to know them (chances are you are going to have to call back)

Through my experience it ends up being one of two types gatekeepers 1) Non-resistant and 2) resistant.

1)     These gatekeepers have no interest in stopping you, they just want to direct you. Be pleasant, ask them how their day is going and remember their names. So the next time you call you can REALLY stand out to them “Hi, (x) how is your Friday going? Fantastic! This is Marius Royal from In The Funnel, is (y) in the office?”

2)     These gatekeepers are more concerned as to why you’re calling, and what reason you have to speak to your prospect.

If they are the second type, the best thing you can do is ask for their input and control, as you have no idea how much influence they wield.

“What would be a good time to call back? What would be the best way to contact (x)? What would you suggest is the best way to make contact?"

Also make sure you’re not giving a long explanation as to why you’re calling, be short and direct, and try to make someone’s day a little more pleasant.

This won’t guarantee you’ll get through, but it will make you front of mind the next time you call them back and they’re “in a meeting”. 

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By Marius Royal
Sales Development - In The Funnel