Start your morning right!

I’m sure in some capacity,

for even the most informal of us,

we have some kind of morning ritual.

Be it, your coffee, reading the newspaper, running, weights, or even the very nice scone from that bakery you go to sets your day into motion.

Sales, intriguingly enough, operates like a lot of sports metaphors. You need practice to perform.

Ever consider jumping on the ice, court or field without warming up? Not if you intend to win.

We all preface our 9am start with a routine, the trick is to shift that to your day as well.

The first call in a morning of sales is usually the worst – as you haven’t found the momentum yet and the coffee has not kicked in.

Here’s a few ideas to start a sales day right:

1)     Practice. Fire a few practice voicemails off and find out what’s tripping you up. It usually takes a few calls to get into the swing of things. Get the momentum going against a punching bag, not a prospect.

2)     On that same note, find someone to role play with. Live calls with a prospect can go virtually in any direction, but just getting used to dealing with objections will keep you sharp – and that is the point of that exercise.

3)     Diagnose. You know YOU the best, listen to yourself, get feedback from peers or managers, then adapt.

Make sure you’re in your best form before you start the day, hone your skills and refine them. These are my 3 tips to set yourself up to do just that!

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by Marius Royal
Sales Development - In The Funnel