The Phenomenon That Is Momentum

The world of thought leadership in sales tends to swing on an axis between facts and feelings.

What I mean by that is there’s a school of thought that argues the energy and mindset you bring into an interaction with a prospect is what determines the outcome,

while the other view suggests that structure and methodology you work on establishes a cadence of confidence.

Neither of the views are opposed to one another, it just happens to be that certain people lean more in the former while others in the latter.

 Point being, whatever your methodology is to land a sale, here is the one thing that is consistent; momentum.

Momentum does something to sales performance I cannot quantify, but without a doubt sets you up for success. Say you got to tackle 10, 20, 50, or 100 calls in a day – how do you keep that energy high?

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Once you have a proper structure to make calls, to keep that energy high and engagement high, you need to push through your work in waves with a mindset for high momentum.

The worst thing you can do for yourself and ruin your mindset for the next few minutes to even an hour, is to stop calling after a bad call. You spiral and do damage to your momentum. The best thing you can do after a bad call is put distance between that call with more engaging conversations.

The reason it is a very bad idea to stop that momentum, is you start questioning the fundamentals of what you know. You start to really do damage to your self-confidence by asking; am I even good enough to do this? Do I know what I’m doing? Will everyone shut me down? So forth.

Trust your process!

You’ve closed people in the past, you’ve engaged with people in the past, you have a structure that you are getting better at with each passing call.

Don’t take it personally, take it professionally.

Don’t lose sight, your next win might be one more call away.


By Marius Royal
Sales Development - In The Funnel