Prospects Will Keep Hanging Up On Your Sales People Until They:


Develop a message that commands attention and demands action


Prepare a ‘before, during and after’ plan for a successful call


Learn how to professionally persevere to close tough deals


Your salespeople will walk away from our workshop with a hunger to get new customers, and the step-by-step process to do so.

MAY 8TH, 9:00AM - 4:00 PM

Check if this workshop right for your salespeople:


Have you hired a new sales rep full of drive, but lacking experience?

Is your sales team unable to hit quota each month?

Is your top performer suffering from low morale and burnout?


If you answered yes to any of those questions,
this workshop is perfect for your sales person.


Here’s How We’ll Help Them:


Craft a Value Proposition that is understood, remembered and acted on.

Your prospects take 15 seconds to decide if they’re going to listen to your rep.
We’ll work through a 3-part exercise to develop a concise message, and practice its delivery to help your reps earn attention.

led eng.png

Follow a Lead Engagement Process to get a consistent response rate

It takes 8 - 12 reach outs to connect with a prospect, but the average sales person only tries 3 times. We’ll give your reps a daily, weekly and monthly calendar to connect with more leads and fill their pipeline.


Develop a plan for each call to dramatically increase win rate

The outcome of a call depends entirely on the preparation done beforehand. Good prep takes a matter of minutes if you know what to focus on. We’ll give your team a structure to help plan and prepare their actions before, during and after a call.


Reap the benefits of our post-workshop bonuses

90-day access to our online Sales Academy with tools, videos and tips on B2B sales skills.
Three free monthly coaching calls with Mark Cox.
Access to a network of like-minded sales professionals to troubleshoot common sales problems and share best practices.


what people are saying

“If you’re looking to grow your sales, In The Funnel is a great choice” - John Julien, Sales Manager at Strategic Coach

“I have more of a structure and playbook to follow”
- Manny Siani

“If you’re serious about growing your business then you need to invest in a selling methodology” - Ahmad Munawar, Founder Boutique Growth


About the Speaker

Mark Cox founded In the Funnel - Sales Consulting (ITF) with the mission to revitalize struggling sales teams.

Sales performance is declining...

1 in 2 salespeople miss quota every year and 1 in 3 churn jobs - as a result small businesses are struggling to survive.

Mark aims to bring the same structured discipline used by big corporations, to small businesses to ensure reliable results and continual growth.  

Through ITF’s workshops, consulting and tools, Mark has helped over 70 companies achieve double-digit growth, and 500 sales people regain confidence in their ability to drive revenue for their business.

Prior to founding ITF, Mark ran sales organizations in outsourcing, services and technology businesses for over 20 years.

He has personally sold, structured and negotiated some of the largest single-sales transactions in North America including a billion-dollar deal with a top 10 U.S. bank. Mark has a passion for intentional sales management and LOVES to coach sales teams.

In addition to family, Mark’s personal passions include hockey, fitness training and music.


As a business owner, the most critical skill you can develop is the skill of selling - Ahmad Munawar

The worksop improved our team and transformed our success!
- Garnet Belik

Mark has an abundance of knowledge to share!
- Corrinna Penfold


Is this workshop better for someone with sales experience or a newbie?

This workshop has been developed keeping all skill levels in mind! We’ve had attendees who are in the first week of their sales career, and people who’ve been in the business for decades. They all find value in the teachings as professional sales training isn’t taught in schools and a lot of the basics go unaddressed.

Cold calling is dead, why does this workshop focus so heavily on it?

We’ve worked with over 70 companies and found that only 2 could rely solely on inbound leads. Active outbound demand generation is the fastest way to grow your business, and we want to equip your sales people with the tools they need to make SMART calls.

We don't really have a sales department, would it be worthwhile to send the one sales person I have?

Yes! We’ve worked with companies with both large and small sales teams and find that our methods work well in both settings. A professional big-league process when applied to small businesses will lead to MAJOR results.

How fast will I see results after taking the workshop?

The tools and techniques that we teach can be implemented instantly. However, we’re big believers in the value of practice and will teach you how to rehearse what you’ve learned to ensure you see results ASAP. We’ve had attendees experience an increase quality conversations and booked meetings just a few days after the workshop

Our Industry is extremely niche, will you cover topics relevant to us?

We like to say: we may not be experts in your industry but we are experts in selling. Selling well can be broken down into a few core fundamentals that can be applied to any business in any industry. We’ve had attendees from the new tech start-ups to large established manufacturers.

As the owner of a small business, I am the one leading the sales team, how would this workshop help me?

This workshop will teach you ow to create a professional strategy for your sales team. If you want your team to surpass quota, you’re going to have to understand the parts that go into effective demand generation. By attending the workshop, you can take the tools and training to your team and apply our processes.

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