Walk away from this one-day workshop with a sales playbook and management cadence in hand to take your team from amateurs to all-stars. 

MAY 31ST, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Do you feel like your sales team is getting by on back of a few star players?

Do you feel you don’t get enough time to coach your team to success?

Do you feel your attention is torn between fighting daily fires and keeping the team inline with the sales process?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Go from ‘boss’ to ‘leader’ with our end-to-end management framework that minimizes your daily struggles and maximizes your team’s performance.



BY the end of THE workshop you will have:

  • a ready-to-install Sales Playbook to reliably grow your business.

  • A complete Management Cadence to consistently coach, motivate and monitor your team to top performance.

  • The tools to build / enable a self-managing sales team that hits targets like clockwork.



“The Playbook was a great tool to use”
- Roger Thorpe

“The learning was new, fresh and interactive”
- Samir Kassim Lakha

“We’re a new growing start-up and it was great time for us attend”
- Ryan Church

What We'll Cover

A Plug-and-Play Sales Strategy to Drive Growth

We’ll help you build a Sales Playbook that applies to your business and industry that you can start using as soon as you get back to the office. The Playbook will take you through each step of your growth-oriented sales process.

Building a Sales Team to Professionally Execute Your Strategy

Finding, hiring and retaining top sales talent is notoriously tough. We’ll give you the formulas needed to take the aches and pains out of hiring, onboarding and training sales people.

Enabling Your Sales Team to Tools and Process to Consistently Hit Targets

Map out the separate and distinct steps it takes to complete a sale for your business, and develop the activity funnel of daily/weekly/monthly activities for your sales team.

A Management Framework to Coach, Motivate and Monitor Your Team

Implement a management cadence that makes your sales team feel like they are supported rather than constantly scrutinized. The framework will organize your time in a way that will allow you to coach and motivate them on a regular basis, rather than just inspecting results.

About the Speaker


Mark Cox founded In the Funnel - Sales Consulting (ITF) with the mission of dramatically improving the performance and professionalism of business to business sales teams.

With a focus on strategy, process, tools and discipline, Mark has helped over 70 companies achieve double digit growth by implementing ITF’s proprietary Sales Playbook. ITF provides both consulting and classroom training services.

Prior to founding ITF, Mark ran sales organizations in outsourcing, services and technology businesses for over 20 years.

He has personally sold, structured and negotiated some of the largest single-sales transactions in North America including a billion-dollar deal with a top 10 U.S. bank.

Mark has a passion for intentional sales management and LOVES to coach sales teams.

In addition to family, Mark’s personal passions include hockey, fitness training and music.


Is this workshop better for someone with sales experience or a newbie?

This workshop has been developed keeping all skill levels in mind! We’ve had attendees who are in the first week of their sales career, and people who’ve been in the business for decades. They all find value in the teachings as professional sales training isn’t taught in schools and a lot of the basics go unaddressed.

As the owner of a small business, I am the one leading the sales team, how would this workshop help me?

This workshop will teach you ow to create a professional strategy for your sales team. If you want your team to surpass quota, you’re going to have to understand the parts that go into effective demand generation. By attending the workshop, you can take the tools and training to your team and apply our processes.

How fast will I see results after taking the workshop?

The tools and techniques that we teach can be implemented instantly. However, we’re big believers in the value of practice and will teach you how to rehearse what you’ve learned to ensure you see results ASAP. We’ve had attendees experience an increase quality conversations and booked meetings just a few days after the workshop

Our Industry is extremely niche, will you cover topics relevant to us?

We like to say: we may not be experts in your industry but we are experts in selling. Selling well can be broken down into a few core fundamentals that can be applied to any business in any industry. We’ve had attendees from the new tech start-ups to large established manufacturers.

Questions? Email mariummasood@inthefunnel.com