Has revenue growth stagnated?

Is the sales team not living up to their true potential?

Do you need to implement a formalized sales process?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’re in the right place. 

We help CEOs & sales leaders unlock the true potential of their sales team by giving them the strategy and training they need to acquire new business with confidence.

Here is how our consulting services work:

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1. identify sales barriers

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5. MEASURE success



Consulting Case Study
Sunview Patio Doors Ltd

Sunview Patio Doors Ltd is the largest manufacturer of patio doors in North America,

When they came to us they had a good team, a good product but their sales didn’t reflect that.

“A friend recommended In The Funnel to me saying that they almost had to turn them off because they couldn’t keep up with the increase in sales” - Tony Margiotta, President of Sunview Patio Doors Ltd

Like most organizations, the sales department at Sunview was run by intuition and personal experience - which varied for each sales person. There was no standardized system.

With our tools and sales playbook we equipped sunview with a system that was teachable, repeatable and scalable. The tools helped re-calibrate the way the department operated - from internal communication between sales leaders and reps to external communication with clients. We equipped them with a standardized process to properly engage leads and we helped them reformulate their value proposition to help convey what problem they solve and how they are different.

Sunview went from selling patio doors to selling a value added stream of goods and services that no one else can offer.

The year Sunview engaged us, they exceeded their growth targets to hit 15% and in our second year of engagement they reached 20%. Their sales team shattered quota and they have seen a rise in motivation along with sales.

We continue to work with Sunview today, helping run quarterly sales kickoffs and addressing unique issues.

When we first sat down with them, the question was “how do we increase sales”

Now it’s “how do we get production to keep up with sales”