We’ve helped 50 small to medium sized businesses dramatically improve sales performance. We’ve seen most obstacles and challenges that sales team face and we have the tools to help your team take their performance to the next level.

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“In The Funnel gave us a more professional and defined approach to selling.
We beat our target in the first year with a 15% growth rate followed by 20% in year two.” -Tony Margiotta, President

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“We’ve had a number of sales people come through this organization, some who were very successful buy they did not have the background and discipline that Mark has.
And so we never succeeded in previous instances but with him we’re well on the road to success”

- Warren Lang, CEO


"Mark has made me a much better sales leader

I would definitely think about engaging In the Funnel for your sales organization if you are looking for more of a structure and to hold your sales people more accountable."

 - David Levy, President


"The workshop didn’t just improve our team, it transformed our success. I came out of this workshop, feeling 2 inches taller and I saw the difference the very next day as I booked 2 demos within my first 20 calls. What else can you ask for!"

- Garnet B., Sales Manger

"I used one of the workshop tactics, the ITF Breakup Voicemail and the prospect emailed the next day to book a meeting?The course just paid for itself!"

- Geoff Parslow, Business Development Executive

“Mark trained us to develop a solid demand generation strategy by adding more science to a process which typically involves following your gut. The workshop helped me structure sales calls as I now have a consistent process to engage leads. I would recommend this workshop even to people who have had sales training as it helps to recalibrate your process, and to find news opportunities to improve!"

- Ahmad Tabari, Business Development Executive