The Dynamic Point of Interest (Here’s why you should go off script)

Doing demand generation is a lot like swimming – if you don’t know how to do it, you want to stay in the shallow end where your feet can touch the floor.

Keeping that image in mind, doing a call is the same as starting at the shallow end of the pool to swimming to the other end.

If you don’t know how to swim, you’re out of your depth.

The point of this metaphor is that you do need a script, a structure of some kind, your floor in the shallow end if you will,  to learn how to do demand generation – but you cannot rely on scripting to make good calls (otherwise this would already be automated).

I was making this mistake with the point of interest when starting a call.

Here at In The Funnel, to properly engage a new prospect we leverage relevant information about them, and their company, to show how we add value.

Typically, my point of interest was general, and pretty surface level. “How’s that resonating in your target market” was my Achilles Heel for all my early conversations.

I tried one point, and when it didn’t land, went back to script. BAD, bad, idea. Disengaging, pure and simple.

Here’s what I’ve learnt, it takes about 1-3 different points of interest in the first minute of a call to generally get someone comfortable enough to open up about any potential problems they may have.

Make your point of interest dynamic! I do this by having their LinkedIn profile open, and the company website on hand. The tricky part is adapting on the fly – that will take practice.

For a marketing qualified lead, the first minute will look like this;

(Remember this: Always, ALWAYS, use open-ended questions. You’ll thank me later.)

1) Hey, I saw you downloaded our tool for (x), what prompted you to download it?

2) Interesting, well, I looked at your LinkedIn and saw you were a sales manager at (y), how does the structure compare at (z)?

3) I see, well your company (z) seems to specialize in a very technical vertical, how is your sales team at articulating that?

After that, the qualifying questions get aimed towards how their sales team is doing.

There you have it! Genuine, engaging questions that build off one another, with each one getting one step closer to the problem.

My absolute best advice for sequencing these points of interest, is starting first with a) specific questions about your prospect to then b) questions geared more towards the structure of the company.

Try is for yourself and let me know!


-A tool to help structure research:

-If this structure for a demand generation call interests you, come check out our workshop dedicated to this right here:


By Marius Royal
Sales Development - In The Funnel