Building Your Sales Playbook

The lack of ability to afford, or attract high-end sales talent due to insufficient revenue is the biggest threat to the survival of start-ups and small businesses.

The solution is for both start-ups and small businesses would be to leverage the same process, discipline and methodologies that the world’s most successful sales organizations use.

Start-ups need to develop and document their “Sales Playbook”. The process, discipline, and rigor supporting a Sales Playbook must be customized for a start-up’s size, maturity, and industry.

For small businesses, a Sales Playbook at a minimum must address the following components

(i) Value Proposition
(ii) Target Market
(iii) Awareness Campaign
(iv) Demand Generation
(v) Sales Process for qualified leads.

In the Funnel – Toronto Sales Consulting exists to address this specific need.
We've create a generic version of the Sales Playbook that you can download and start using today!

Download the playbook here: