Can Sales Training Work? What We Do Different

At In The Funnel we have gone back and forth about defining our approach to being effective in the sales training and coaching world.

Quite frankly, here on the inside we are refining this approach consistently, and with it being such a competitive market, the importance of standing out against competition and winning in our vertical is more important than ever. (chances are I’ll come back to this post later on).

The point of this blog is to articulate two things:
1) how we articulate our competitive advantage and
2) how you can start thinking about how to articulate your competitive advantage, so you get value from reading this.

Before I go further, If you want to articulate what makes you better than your competition, please check out our value proposition tool and whiteboard a few ideas of your own: (Click here)

To really standout in the sales training world, we have developed a comprehensive library of resources leveraged through Mark Cox’s sales leadership to give the best possible experience to our clients.

First; Every idea that we implement into our workshops, is captured in an online tool, that is free and accessible (Click here for reference).

Learning is only useful if it can be implemented into your daily process. If all I do is tell you what to do, without showing you a method of doing it, chances are any implementation would be limited.

Changing behavior through process needs to be organic, meaning you need to evaluate where the process is lacking, and find a way to streamline it.

Our tools are designed to structure key segments of sales activity, to help guide to tangible objectives. Is the problem uniformity across the sales organization? Is the problem organizing daily activity? Is the problem structuring a call? Whatever the case, our job is to make sure there is a process for it.

Second; These tools make sense and become highly applicable when leveraged by someone with over 20 years of sales experience – which brings in Mark Cox. Unlike the franchisee model, every single one of our workshops is currently being run by Mark Cox.

To drive the highest possible consistent result to our clients, it is company policy to make sure only sales leaders who have run material sales organizations in their recent past will ever teach a workshop. Meaning anyone who teaches needs to be a veteran in their field and leverage a skillset of being a practitioner.

This guarantees a model that does two things, adding value to anyone who wants a tool to build out their sales process, coupled with sales leadership to apply process driven results to your entire team.

If any of this resonates with you, please feel free to utilize any of our tools, and if you are at all interested to learn about any of the workshops we offer, feel free to book in a call with me to see if we can add value. (Book a call)

Thanks for taking the time to read our competitive market strategy!

What are two things you’re doing to stand out? 

By Marius Royal
Sales Development - In The Funnel