Why Social Media is Important to your Online Ranking

If the words, “Search Engine Optimization” do not mean anything to you, they should. SEO essentially refers to how well your website jives with popular search engines like Google. The more optimized your site is for a search engine, the higher your page appears in keyword search results. Ideally, you want your company page on the 1st page of keyword searches related to your business. For example, In the Funnel is a Toronto-area sales consulting firm, and therefore needs to be optimized for keyword searches like, “Toronto sales consulting,” to appear on that coveted first page search result.

If implemented effectively, SEO can drive leads to your site and in turn sales. There is bottom-line value in taking the time to prioritize SEO for your firm, and social media can help in many ways.

Firstly, Google has a strong preference for its in-house social media offering, Google+. A presence on this network not only helps boost SEO, but can also provide an enhanced look and feel for the search results for you business, helping you stand out from the crowd.

Secondly, curating frequent, fresh, and engaging content to an interested audience increases the shareability of your content. This is important because the more people that share and link to your site content, the better your SEO.

Toronto area sales consulting firmLastly, the more sites your business has a company page or link on, the more likely people are to find your firm. Networks like LinkedIn have strong connections to Google’s ranking algorithm, and often times a LinkedIn company page will appear in first page search results with little effort on the part of the business.

Overall, if SEO is a priority for your business, which it should be, your firm should have a social media offering in some capacity.